Scientific writing

In this section I will only post my work that has a connection to the arts. My purely scientific work can be found elsewhere:

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Art&Science papers in the makings:

There are currently two papers published and one is in the makings. Two deal with heavy metal music, and how this genre, as a form of contemporary, non-mainstream from of auditory arts inspire creative thinking about global environmental change and resulting sustainability challenges in systems of people and nature.

One paper has been published in Research Ideas and Outcomes. This paper aims at showing specifically how deathcore can stimulate creativity in scientific thinking. Its goal is to show that scientific thinking has become to narrow, resulting in the confinement of scientific fields into isolated ivory towers, and how metal music can build allegorical bridges among towers. The paper (Deathcore, creativity and scientific thinking) can be downloaded freely from this link.

Another paper has been submitted to SpringerPlus. It shows that recent developments in heavy metal music obey similar complex adaptive system dynamics observed in ecosystems or social systems. These dynamics make metal allegorical to fast changing social-ecological baselines, and can therefore be useful to envision in an artistic way several of the environmental crisis (e.g. floods, tornadoes, droughts) that might occur more frequently in a changing future.

A third paper examines biodiversity through the lens of science and art, using approaches from the visual arts to communicate biodiversity challenges to the broader public from an ecosystemic rather than species centered focus. It is fresh out of the presses in SpringerPlus and can be accessed here.

I hope to post more  papers during 2016! Stay tuned!