Suicide of the box of equal opportunities

This project has arisen spontaneously during a conversation with one of my colleagues when we discussed the unfair distribution of resources in a hypocrite society that hails equal rights and opportunities for everybody but which is tremendously sectarian in its core. Much of my revolt in this project is in direct connection to the oxymoronic use of “equal opportunities” across hierarchies in the current sciences and academic system.

The suicide of the equal opportunity box is allegorical to the transformation of many researchers, inflicted through prolonged work-related stress. The suicide note (see below) and farewell symbolizes a period of “creative destruction”, a run away from an increasingly reductionist and perverted science system to a more broad and creative inquiry of the wonders of this world without being constrained by the conservatism and blindness of the current social-scientific system.

The boxe´s suicide note shared with my colleagues at work:

Dear colleagues,

For those of you that appreciate Dadaist art!

I announce with profound grief that your beloved box of “lika villkor (equal opportunities)” at the entrance of the department has committed suicide!

In its farewell letter it writes:

“I, box of “lika villkor (aka equal opportunities)”, sacrifice myself as a response to the oxymoron my name stands for. I am empty, abandoned, ignored, left alone in my real world vision filled with inequality, injustice, disloyal competition, neglect, oblivion….

Fare well my friends – I can´t take it any longer!!!

Sadly missed!


Disclaimer: Dadaist art is provocative and irritative.


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