Cristo de los escombros (the rubbish Christ)


This project culminates the connection of random thoughts. During the initial days of our summer vacation (2015) a remote family member passed away. The funeral was following a deeply entrenched cultural process abiding by Christian dogmatic indoctrination in southern Spain. My mind was elsewhere during the Mass, but Maria José (my wife) reacted to the lyrics, projected on a screen, of traditional religious music: “Nos beberemos tu sangre! Nos comeremos tu carne” (we will drink your blood! We will eat your meat!).

This act of glorification, invoking devotion through cannibalism, epitomizes the extremism and fanaticism in religion. Maria was stunned having realized the context after having lived with it her entire life, and perhaps most people will react similarly. Put in a surrealistic art context, we can hypothesize that Jesus or God might have wished to be inedible while still propagating their doctrine! El Cristo de los Escombros (the rubbish Christ), inspired by Salvador Dalí´s sculpture in his home in Cadaqués (Spain), is designed to fulfill their wish! This sculpture allows people to cling perpetually to their religious (Christian) belief models, without jeopardizing the cult through luxury uptake.

Side note:

Obviously this project has multiple competing interpretations. Less irritating for fanatic believers in Christian religion is the interpretation that a Christ of rubbish becomes allegorical to extreme hardship people can go through, their need to make a living out of rubbish. With a life filled with strain, religion can become the motor to overcome hardship, to continue, to survive.

Moral: Religion is like ecology! The multiple ways of interpreting religion through art confers it the status of a paradigm rather than a dogma.


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